Beeswax: 1x Large

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This is just a single large wrap. Perfect to wrap in your sandwich, cover your bigger bowls or any other plate! 


With these food wraps you say goodbye to plastic cling film. The beeswax wraps are enviromental friendly. They are handmade in Schotland and all ingredients are 100% natural. It keeps your food fresher for a longer time. It has a mulitpurpose funciton. You can use it to wrap your lunch, pack away cutted vegetables and fruit, cover up your bowls, ... The possibilities are endless. With good care they will last up to 12 months.



They are not dishwasher or microwave safe

Not suitable for raw meat and fish





Handwash (like a plate) in cold water with mild washing liquid. Alcohol free washing liquid is highly recommended. Air dry them and they are ready to reuse. 


Keep the wrap away from:

Dishwasher, washing machine, tubmle drier and microwave 


Do not use them for: 

Raw meat and fish


Refreshing the wrap:

After a few months your wrap may get less sticky. Place the wrap on greaseproof paper in a 100% oven for 1-2 minutes to melt te wax. When removing from the oven, carefully and quickly pick it up by the corners of the wrap with thongs. Wave the wrap back and forth for about 30 seconds to allow the wax to set. Hang them up to cool for 5 minutes. 



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