Sustainable Christmas Party Guide

Christmas is just around the corner. With just, we mean 5 days only! Therefor we have written a sustainable Christmas party guide to get the party started in a sustainable way. We get that you might have been working or studying up till now and did not have time yet to plan your party, that is why our tips are perfect to make your Christmas party a succes when starting last minute. 

We will have you covered for: 

Deck the halls

Make your own Christmas decorations

Instead of buying typical accessories, get creative and start crafting. For example, make your own snow pine cones. All you need is a pine cone of course (put your boots on and take a walk in the woods), some table salt, water and flour. Go to sewhistorically to follow the steps for a DIY snow pine cone. Happy crafting!

Second hand 

If you're bored of your old Christmas decorations, don't go buying new ones just yet. Take a look at some second hand shops first. Vice versa for the ones you want to get rid of. Put them online and who knows, you might make someone else very happy with yours. 

Wrap it real good

 Christmas presents is all fun and games until you stop to think about all the paper

that’s being wasted. Let’s change that and look for a sustainable alternative:

The most obvious one of all, newspaper! If you want it to look a bit more ‘Christmasy’, always remember, Pinterest is your best friend for sustainable gift wrapping inspiration.

Want to use no paper at all? Furoshiki is the answer. Especially if you're bad at wrapping gifts, this is what you need. It’s a Japanese technique that allows you to wrap your presents beautifully without any paper. All you need is some kind of dishcloth. A lot of online videos will show you step by step. .

Christmas cards

Have you heard of the latest card trend? Seedpaper! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me explain. These papers contain seeds of flowers or herbs. When you plant the card in a pot with soil or sprinkle it outdoors, the paper composts and the seeds are left behind. Before you know it, you've got yourself some flowers or herbs. Isn't that like super cool? You can buy Christmas Cards from Cuddle Corporate on our website and support good causes.

If that is not your thing, you could always go for recycled Christmas cards or make them yourself. Design Sponge has a blog full of craft ideas. 

Sustainable outfit

For all the fashionistas out there, don’t go buying new clothes, there’s another way to look great in a new but more sustainable outfit. 

- Go through your closet and look at the clothes that you haven’t worn in years (we all have clothes like that somewhere in the house). You might find a piece that you really like but forgot about.

- Ask your mom/dad to go through their closet this once.

- Swap clothes with your bestie. Let them wear your favorite outfit and vice versa.

- Try out some second hand stores.

- Or, rent something.

Eat good, feel good

 OK, but first Apéro

Get the bubbles, it’s time to celebrate. Rico Kombucha is the perfect non-alcoholic, organic substitute for cava or champagne. It’s festive and sparkly plus there are no regrets in the morning. 

Fun fact, did you know that not all wine and cava are vegan? Make sure to get the right one by reading the label carefully.

After popping all those bottles, don’t forget to save the corks. Another fun fact, cork is a 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable resource. Most organic stores and sheltered workshops recycle them for you. So, don’t just throw them in the trash.

 OK, but first Apéro

0ur favorite appetizer? Vegan buffalo wings made out of cauliflower. They taste as good as they sound.

Go follow Planttribe on Instagram. She will be making a vegan Holiday menu. Her page is also full of other amazing vegan recipes.

How to end the evening? Try the amazing chocolate mousse pie from de groene meisjes. It is vegan, it is easy to make and absolutely delicious.