Turtlee Green's Coral Frame

Every purchase at Turtlee Green counts! Not only are you making a difference in your own habits, you are also supporting the ocean's conservation. We are so proud to announce that since 2 weeks we have our very own coral frame in the Maldives! 

Turtlee Green does not only want to provide alternatives to plastic disposables. Turtlee Green also wants to have a direct impact as well. Therefor we decided to donate part of our profit to Marine Savers. Marine Savers is an organization located at the Maldives. They do epic work for the ocean’s conservation. They plant coral frames, that way they give the coral reef a fair chance to recover & revive. 

Why Coral? 

Did you know that coral frames are often called “rainforests of the Sea”? 

They occupy less than 0.1% of the world’s ocean area, yet they provide a home for at least 25% of all marine species. 

Us Humans have a profit as well from having coral reefs. They protect the shores from storms and surge waters.They also work as filters to clean our water and assist in carbon & nitrogen fixing as well. Therefor it is  from highly importance to avoid the extinction of this amazing & beautiful coral reef.

So this is why we choose to plant a coral frame to let the coral reef flourish again. But still since we are Turtlee Green. We obviously want to invest in the conversation of the sea turtles as well. And this is once more a reason to choose Marine Savers. 

Marine Savers has a program to rescue turtles, let them recover & set them free in the ocean again once they are strong enough. The best part of this all? You can check every turtle they have recovering in their base on their website. That way you can see the progress of a specific turtle in his recovery. Following them on instagram will enlighten your feed with beautiful videos of recovering turtles. Seeing the impact directly in the field is what we love & therefor aim to support! 

Want to check the frame out yourself? 


Go ahead! You don't need to travel all the way to the Maldives, even though we would LOVE that! Just type our unique code: KH2433 or our name “Turtlee Green" when clicking on this link: http://marinesavers.com/coral-frame-collection/

Every 6 months there will be an update on the frame so stay tuned to see how it is growing into something magical. What species will you find? Acropora hyacinthus, Acropora digitifera, Acropora humilis are the ones planted on the frame. Doesn’t sound very familiar? No worries! Go check out the frame to see what they look like!


Go check Marine Savers instagram aswell @marinesavers

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