Hello, We Are Turtlee Green

With Turtlee Green we want to raise awareness about environmental issues, motivate people to take action and give some tips&tricks from our own experience in trying to live a greener life. 

More than ever the earth is polluted by what we humans produce and use. They say by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. That is an undeniable big, massive red flag! We are true believers that every small step towards a greener life will make a difference. If you do not want to believe us, believe Tracy Chapman when she sings that 'talking about a revolution sounds like a whisper'.

Turtlee Green wants to be that whisper. Cause as cliché it may sound; together all these small steps make a massive leap forward to a greener life and a greener future!

Thanks for being here,

Team Turtlee Green

Axelle Defossez


I am Axelle, 22 years old. I recently returned home from my second wonderful home Australia 'Straya'. Whilst traveling I was blessed to witness Mother Nature's beauty but sadly enough was confronted at the same time with how badly we, humans, polluted the earth we call our home. Ever since my return, I made it my life mission to raise awareness and stop this plastic madness.

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